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Special Features

 Forms creation tool
Forms creation tool

 Tidbits on the right with Banner Ads on the left
Tidbits on the right with Banner Ads on the left

While you can create just about any kind of content in the OWT CMS in a free-form manner we have also created an abundance of specialized tools and modues to allow you to better manage specific tasks.  Here are just a few:

  • Mobile friendly - supports phones and tablets automatically and can be customized for specialized needs
  • Product management for e-commerce with shipping and ordering tools
  • Most credit card gateways supported
  • Portfolio manager
  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) system
  • List management for almost any kind of list
  • Testimonials manager
  • Form creation tool - create most any form you need quickly and easily
  • Form security to minimize form spamming
  • Banner ad system
  • Membership manager
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Social sharing tools
  • Directories - contact lists, staff directories etc. 
  • Photo galleries including those that support customer galleries
  • Recipe system
  • Blog features - have a blog within your site!
  • Tidbits tool for newspaper-style layouts
  • Powerful slider systems that can contain graphics and/or text content.  
  • Powerful photo galleries with slideshow or grid formats and click-to-zoom features.
  • Manage large link databases
  • Logging system
  • Calendars and event lists
  • Google Translate support - translate your site to most any language
  • Social media tools - embed Facebook and Twitter content
  • RSS feeds - create or embed RSS feeds
  • Password protect levels with login features and password recovery tools
  • Add Disqus discussion features to any category for blog interactivity
  • Xchange system for forum-like interactivity and chat
  • Email and print templates for powerful notification systems, reporting and more
  • Macros, Editor Templates and many other time-saving features
  • Customer Resource Management features
  • Customizable database support - database just about anything!
  • Powerful customer interactivity features
  • Import CSV data easily and even fetch files from other servers. 
  • XML and JSON support for many features. 
  • And much more with more features added often