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Business/Commercial Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

OWT provides quality, reliable managed web hosting for clients across the country. "Managed hosting" means that we take great care to make sure our servers are performing at their optimum level, are as secure as we can make them, and are not subject to the troubles often caused by unsafe code and scripts created and used by some developers. We do not allow user-authored CGI to be uploaded to our servers. We are not a server farm.

The following hosting packages include the fixed prices of these services only; these packages do not include any design or other content related services but be assured their are no hidden costs. 

In addition to the hosting packages listed below, we have also developed custom hosting plans for customers with unique needs for server space and/or throughput. Please tell us your needs and we'll work on a custom hosting plan for your business.

We run Apache under Linux for the most reliability and power. We've been using Apache since it first came out in the mid-90's so we know it well! Linux? You bet! We love it!