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Specific Site Features for SEO

Choosing the way to present your content is an important part of good site design. Much of this is knowing what not to do. OWT will steer you away from these pitfalls and guide you to a good, friendly design.  Some people think you have to sacrifice looks for this but it simply is not true.  

When we select features for your site we consider how this could impact search engine recognition. Not just how it might negatively impact but what things can we do to have a  positive impact.  

Content is King

More than anything else you do having a good deal of informative content will help with your search ranking. If your site frequently has new content added to it that is ideal.  OWT will make it easy for you to add new content or even utilize outside content to achieve this goal. 


Successful search engine optimization depends on knowing which keywords to target on your web site. By "keywords", we don't mean the list of words you put in the "Keywords" Meta tag -- we mean the words and phrases your customers will use when searching Google, Yahoo, etc., for companies like yours.

Your goal is targeted traffic. It's better to get 100 visitors that are specifically interested in your "industrial red widget" than 500 visitors who searched for the more general "widget" term.

Our keyword research service uses a variety of tools to learn what terms are actually being searched for by search engine users. Once you know the terms your customers are using, you can optimize your web site accordingly and bring in targeted traffic -- customers that are seeking what you offer.

A Picture is Not Worth a 1000 Words

Graphics and movies are great. Your site will benefit from them greatly and they certainly make the site look great but to search engines they are just noise.  Not bad unless you have too many of them but search engines look at text for the most part. When you do use graphics we will make sure they are labeled or tagged so that search engines can understand what the subject of the graphic is.  Movies really bring nothing to the search engine party but are fine if used properly. Page load speed is one of the factors that contributes to search ranking so we urge you to avoid huge splash pages with large movies or home pages that resemble a major news or sports outlet (they don't need great SEO - you do!).