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Chat Systems

No tool brings out the immediacy of the Internet better than a live chat room. OWT's Chat Room system is sophisticated enough to handle almost any need you have, yet easy enough for even the most novice users to enjoy. Whether you plan to use a Chat Room for user interaction, or for providing live customer service, OWT's system is flexible enough to suit your needs. Features of our Chat Room system include:

  • multiple "rooms" in your chat area
  • easy "speak" function
  • customizable display options
  • Private Chat - allows two or more users in one room to communicate without the entire room seeing the conversation
  • user-controlled font sizing
  • automatic Transcript creation
  • remote chat monitor that informs users when a new user has entered a room
  • pre-written HELP and RULES files that can be customized to meet your needs
  • much more... 


Install of our Chat Room system is $199. There is no extra charge to use the system with our Premium Hosting package.

We're happy to meet with prospective clients to discuss your project and provide a custom estimate for development

NOTE: chat features are also planned for the OWT CMS Premium Edition - stay tuned.

Interactivity using the OWT CMS

Included in the standard version of the OWT CMS is the XChange system which supports a near forum-like experience that also works well for chat sessions.  

Ask us about a demonstration account.