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Design Features




We have designed the OWT CMS to be first and foremost a management tool enabling site owners to easily administer and change their content. Tools that make design easy also make the design cheesy and overly simplistic or worse-yet templated or pre-fabricated.  We have built powerful design tools into the OWT CMS that enable an experienced designer to create a poweful and unique site with a great look. Most of these tools require a better than average knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  Once the designer setups layouts and styles then the site administrators can use these tools easily and powerfuly. Colors are easy to select from a live palette and many options are setup in selection menus.

Sometimes you need to create something great in the content area too - not just the site framework. The OWT CMS gives you the ability to great things there too with a flexible editor, powerful gallery system and incredible feature modules including: Sliders, Forms, Databases and much more.  Plus we are adding new features to the CMS modules all the time.  

  • Add graphics, text or links in the sidebar or main content area
  • Much of the content can be wrapped in pre-defined "enclosures" to highlight them or float them above the design
  • Pages can be "themed" with default colors, backgrounds and fonts. 
  • Many predefined elements can be added using a simple database tool to further customize your site with
    • Loading animations
    • Favicon
    • Graphical buttons
    • Filagree
    • Title bar graphics and much more!
  • Easily manage multiple headers and backgrounds and even have the CMS select them randomly if you wish
  • Each level can have a different header or background or use the same graphics throughout the site
  • Create pre-defined CSS styles in the Styles tool that can be applied to content with the content editor.  Powerful design features easily deployed. 

Flexible Layouts

Your site can have any number of levels and layouts.  Each can be designed to different specifications if you like or include password or access code authentication.  Responsive designs for mobile devices are simple to implement and make your site immensely flexible.