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Domain Registration

Domain registration is a somewhat technical process where you request a registrar to provide you with an available domain so that you might use it for web, email or other Internet related purposes.  You can do this through a registrar of your choice or use OWT for this service and we'll take care of everything for you.  If you decide to do this yourself be aware of these things:

  • Use a reputable registrar.  Avoid using registrars that have contacted you with some solicitation - they tend to be problematic. 
  • Register the domain with an Email you expect to have access to for some time.  You may need this Email to obtain credentials to manage your domain in the future. Generic addresses rather than an individuals email are best  (eg. info@yourdomain.com) so that you are not dependent upon one employee in the future. 
  • If this is for a company, make sure that the employee responsible for this keeps these credentials somewhere safe and shares this information with another employee so that you are never caught without access to your domain records. 
  • A .com address is preferred for businesses and .org for non-profit organizations. If you can't find a domain that you like (too long etc.) in those TLDs then you can try .info, .co or .net.  There are many other top-level domains that are specialized. If one of those is appropriate that is fine but avoid using country domains (.bz etc.) unless that TLD somehow plays into your name.  These registrars are often harder to deal with. 


Ask OWT to Register Your Domain

If you would like OWT to register this domain for you simply fill out the form linked below and we will handle everything for you.

Make sure you understand the charges involved before you proceed.  OWT will handle all of the domain issues for you - you just give us your contact information. 

Make sure you have performed a Domain Lookup (whois) and made sure the domain is, in fact, available. We urge you to use our whois tool as some sites will actually register your domain shortly after you perform a whois to hold it hostage. This is a common ploy by Network Solutions and others.