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Deployment & Costs

We urge you to consult with our design professionals if you have any questions about using the OWT CMS.  We provide a lot of online information about the product but we do not expect this to be your only source of knowledge about this or any other service that we provide.  Please feel free to call or Email or make an appointment with a design professional. 

Here are the basic steps involved in the process of deploying the OWT CMS on your website. 

  • You and OWT discuss the content for your site and a design direction that we should proceed with. Here you might simply give us your existing graphics or help us come up with some concepts. We will also talk about your domain and over needs and goals. 
  • We will establish your OWT hosting account and determine which edition of the CMS you would be using. Budget CMS aligns with Budget hosting and Premium CMS aligns with Premium hosting.  Note: you will not be paying for hosting until your site is live!
  • You will collect and provide OWT with the bulk of your content for your site. We will encourage you to create a site outline that we will use to build the basic navigation. 
  • OWT will do the basic installation and configuration of the CMS.
  • OWT will build your framework and basic design with as much content as we can. 
  • OWT will ask for your feedback on the layout and design and then make whatever changes that are needed. 
  • At this point we generally spend some time with customer to train you on the basics of using the CMS.  An hour with us will make site administration so much easier for you.  Remember OWT is still happy to administer your site if you prefer and using the CMS we can make blazing fast updates. 
  • OWT will work with you to finalize the site and get things just right for you. 
  • We launch the site!  This might involve changing from a temporary URL to the final URL.  

How is the CMS priced?

You don't pay to use the CMS per se as that is included with your hosting plan but there are hours involved in seting up your site and designing and deploying the features you need.  For deployment, design, installation and configuration we charge $60 per hour and we are very fast and efficient working with the product so you will get quite a lot for your dollars.  

The simplest of sites with provided or simplistic graphics will take 10 to 12 hours with complex sites quite a bit more than that.  Once we know what you are looking for we can generally give you a real good idea of your total costs but using this tool is so efficient that even complex solutions can be implemented quickly. Most e-commerce sites run between $1000 and $1200 with non-e-commerce sites in the $700 to $800 range.  Contact us today for more details.