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Powerful Yet Simple Administration

 Main Administration Panel
Main Administration Panel

 Ever present administration menu at the top of each screen
Ever present administration menu at the top of each screen

 Sensible layouts and easy click to edit design
Sensible layouts and easy click to edit design

The most powerful aspect of the OWT CMS is the administration system. Unfortunately this is harder to demonstrate but this system is designed to give you access to everything you need to change quickly and easily. 

Menus are organized by type of feature so you can easily manage your content without stumbling over configuration or design features. You can even setup accounts that can only "see" certain types of administrative tools. 

There is no way to do the CMS admin justice so we're just going to give you a bullet list until you can stop by and see a live demo of this amazing system. 

  • Well organized tools that help keep you and your content organized
  • Related content is always easy to find
  • Search for the content you wish to edit quickly and easily
  • Enable a mode so that as an administrator you can browse the site and see special edit links so you can edit more intuitively
  • Create user accounts for other administrators and even create classes of users that have restricted access to features
  • Separte design and configuration from content maintenance
  • Each tool helps walk you through the process and includes tool tips 
  • Most common options are set by default but you can easily override
  • Prepopulate content from what you searched for
  • Click to edit design and easy to understand and find buttons
  • Inactive or hide content so that you can work on initiatives in advance without tipping your hand
  • Live updates of data with no sorting or clearing
  • Drag to re-order or arrange
  • Status icons so you know more at a glance
  • And so very much more!


Custom Dashboard

If you have transcations that you want to monitor we can setup a dashboard display so that your recent transactions show right on the Admin Center.  Monitor changes, orders, subscriptions, or anything that changes with ease!

Fast Statistics and Reporting

Anything that can be counted can be displayed in a statistical report or maybe you just want to view the powerful results your site is having on your business. Customized statistical and detail reports can be configured just for your needs with ease.