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Secure Web Services

At One World Telecommunications, we have been offering e-commerce hosting and solutions to our clients since 1996. Whether you need a powerful database-driven shopping cart system, or just a secure payment option for your web customers, we can provide the most cost-effective solutions for your online business.

If you need a secure way to receive credit card orders from your web customers, we offer accounts on OWT's SSL encrypted secure server. Let your web customers share credit card information with you confidently, knowing this information won't be lost or stolen via email. 

We also offer secure services on your business domain as well. We can install the right certificate for you and your site can be secure and able to accept sensitive information quickly. We can work with most commercial cart systems and commerce gateway systems. Check with our design staff for your best options. 

Even if you don't sell products through your web site, our E-Commerce Hosting can still help your bottom line. Use our secure server to accept payments from your customers for products or services purchased offline!

If you're serious about doing business online, don't trust your e-commerce solutions to just anyone. Let One World Telecommunications provide a customized plan for your specific needs.

Pricing: $10 / month using OWT's secure server; on your domain pricing requires our premium hosting service but there are no additional monthly charges beyond that.  Certificate pricing depends on the type of certificate. Some are listed below. 

Secure Certificates

Like most things having to do with the Internet there are many options when it comes to securing your web or other services.  To secure any Internet service you need a secure certificate. There are many choices but we'll try to explain the important differences.


Type Best Uses Features Yearly Price
RapidSSL Testing and personal security.
Doesn't work with some older browsers 

Fast and Easy to acquire. 

QuickSSL Good for membership sites; Email services; web forms with some sensitive data. Doesn't work with all older browsers.  Good low-end web cert  $129.00
QuickSSL Premium Economy cert option for e-commerce web sites.  Dynamic site seal (so customers can easily verify your identity) 
Quick and easy to acquire 
Full Validation Secure Plus Best choice for entry level e-commerce

Takes a bit longer to get
Identity is extensively verified; insured
Accepted by 99% of all browsers 

Extended Validation Best choice to demonstrate to your users that they can trust your secure services Identity is extensively verified
New browsers will show your company name in green to indicate that you can be trusted. 
Trusted site seal 
SGC Extended Validation Most compatible and trusted certificate. Good choice if you have many customers using old versions of Windows.  Extensively validated identity
Works with 99% of all browsers 
Trused site seal 
1. price includes web site installation; ask about use with non-web services
2. All certificates offer up to 256 bit encryption