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Our Content Management System (CMS) also supports a robust calendar system.  You can play with the demonstration below to get some idea of how this might work on your site.  You may add event categories including event categories as Google Calendar XML feeds. Each category may be represented by a color of your choosing.  

Got events? We can organize event information on your site in a powerful database system so that your visitors can see this information in the best possible way.  Sometimes just a chronological list is all you need. Other times you need a full calendar. We can display the information any way you want and even offer iCalendar subscriptions for Google Calendar, iCal and even Outlook.

Below is a sample calendar populated only with a couple of Google Calendar feeds to demonstrate how some of the calendar features work. The TGIF event demonstrates both a repeating event as well as the event detail dialog with a graphic.    

More Information = Click to view more details; Click on any day (not event) to view in Day mode

April Fools Day

Recurring from Monday, April 01 2013 to Friday, March 31 2017 every 365 days

Location: Everywhere - BEWARE

Beware of pranxters. 



Recurring from Friday, April 05 2013 to Friday, March 06 2015 every 7 days

Location: Wherever you are!

This is a test event. You can have details of the event here. 




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