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E-Commerce Features

 Flexible Product Layout
Flexible Product Layout

 Easy to understand cart layout
Easy to understand cart layout

 Checkout Screen
Checkout Screen

 Order Statistics
Order Statistics

The OWT CMS has a powerful database driven e-commerce solutions as well.  Organize products by category and display details, graphics and link to other content to help make the sale.  Manage pricing and shipping parameters easily including promotions. 

We can then link to our shopping cart system or use PayPal or Google Wallet and we are working on other systems as well. Our shopping cart system can then link to a variety of payment gateways such as Authorize.Net, Skipjack, VirtualMerchant, FirstData and Merchant E-Solutions. Use a cart or a simple "Buy Now" system or a mixture.  Checkout with flexibile options to capture the data you need from every transaction. 

Flexible cart features allow the purchaser easy control over their ordering all the way through the checkout process.  Enable SSL and offer a secure shopping experience.  Depending upon the system deployed you can even have robust order management tools that facilitate accurate and efficient fulfillment of your orders.   Reports can be created and printed or you can export spreadsheet data for your accounting system. 

OWT can work with any API, gateway or processor. Even if we haven't worked with them before our programmers can support it for you. 

E-commerce Features:

  • Powerful cart or order form capability
  • Flexible gateway support
  • Robust product system with easy-to-use options and highlights
  • Price Levels
  • Product option support (colors, sizes etc.)
  • Discount suport
  • Shipping system with UPS, FedEx and USPS support or any kind of shipping table
  • Export order to CSV for QuickBooks etc. 
  • Customized display and export options
  • Order reporting with charts and graphs
  • Supports subscriptions
  • Vendor and customer notification system for receipts and order alerts
  • Order processing workflows
  • Coupon support
  • Numerous secure credit card payment options
  • Tiered access for authenticated users
  • And much, much more!