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WordPress as a CMS

More web production facilities use WordPress as a content management platform for their websites than don't. Primarily this is so they can focus on design and let someone else do the programming.  We like to program but even we are intrigued by WordPress and we feel it is the solution for blogs to be sure. 

As a CMS WordPress offers the world of open-source plugins at your fingertips where you can install plugins written by others to accomplish a particular purpose.  These plugins wordk with the WordPress framework in a mostly seamless fashion with their own adminstration and configuration tools that work with WordPress in a variety of ways.  Like WordPress, these plugins are often regularly updated to keep up with WordPress changes and to fix bugs.   The quality of these plugins varies from awful to awesome but most are free. Paid WordPress plugins tend to be a maintenance nightmare and so until WordPress creates a licensing structure for these plugins we advise against them for the most part. For the do-it-yourselfer and those on a very tight budget this solution really can't be beat but we tend to encourage our business customer to different soutions primarly because of the performance and reliablitiy issues associated with a complex WordPress solution. They can be great but they also can require a lot of attention.  Also, we are a bit tired of the templated solutions as usually you can recognize a WordPress site right away. 

OWT promotes WordPress as a blog platform pretty heavily and we've built literally hundreds of them and so we are happy to build your web site using WordPress as well if you wish. We can evaluate and deploy plugins as needed and optimize your WordPress site for you. We can even offer training on WordPress if you need it.