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OWT has been designing and programming web pages since 1994. A lot has changed in that time, as access speeds have increased and technologies evolved. While technological advancements have been great for both the user and web site owner, it is important to distinguish between what industry innovations are appropriate for each individual client's needs and which are not. OWT has the experience to wade through the technological noise and decide which tech will prove to be the best fit for your application. Whether it be leveraging the growing importance of search engine recognition or ensuring the user experience is positive through an efficient and sleek design, OWT is prepared to create a website beneficial for the client as well as their users. 

We provide cost-effective solutions for most any budget.  From over-the-top sites with an extensive custom feature set down, to the simplest brochure site; we can deliver your next website for less than you think. We also provide you with the tool set to keep your content fresh and compelling. 

Although we have clients throughout the United States, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to our customers in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Walla Walla areas. When it comes to accurately designing and implementing a web site, we put customers first. 

Trust the experience that OWT has gained over such a long time in this relatively young industry. OWT will help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions to make your web initiative positive, productive and profitable. 


Affordable & Easy to Manage
Powerful CMS

Upgrade Your Site for Easy Content Management!

Let OWT upgrade your website to use our powerful CMS (Content Management System) that includes a great many powerful features and easy content mangement.  The OWT CMS is also MOBILE FRIENDLY supporting phones and tablets automatically. 

We can use your design or your graphic designers or create a design for you cost effectively.  Building a site in our CMS is fast and efficient. Most small business sites will cost less than $1000 and be unique and customized to your business and needs!  

Now you can upgrade for less than you think!  For a limited time OWT  is offering a $100 discount on Budget CMS3 Sites and $200 discount on Standard CMS3 design and setup!  Contact us now and see how easy and painless we can make this transition for you!

OWT Makes it Easy!

No matter your web need let OWT show you just how easy we can make it for you!  We tame the technology for you - you don't have to learn complicated control panels as we can do it all for you.  From domain registration to Email and full-featured web hosting OWT can simplify your web experience immensely. 

Industry News


Our keyword tool is updated periodically. We recently updated it once more.

For comparison sake, the old keyword tool looked like this

Whereas the new keyword tool looks like this

The upsides of the new keyword tool are:

  • fresher data from this year
  • more granular data on ad bids vs click prices
  • lists ad clickthrough rate
  • more granular estimates of Google AdWords advertiser ad bids
  • more emphasis on commercial oriented keywords

With the new columns of [ad spend] and [traffic value] here is how we estimate those.

  • paid search ad spend: search ad clicks * CPC

  • organic search traffic value: ad impressions * 0.5 * (100% - ad CTR) * CPC

The first of those two is rather self explanatory. The second is a bit more complex. It starts with the assumption that about half of all searches do not get any clicks, then it subtracts the paid clicks from the total remaining pool of clicks & multiplies that by the cost per click.

The new data also has some drawbacks:

  • Rather than listing search counts specifically it lists relative ranges like low, very high, etc.
  • Since it tends to tilt more toward keywords with ad impressions, it may not have coverage for some longer tail informational keywords.

For any keyword where there is insufficient coverage we re-query the old keyword database for data & merge it across. You will know if data came from the new database if the first column says something like low or high & the data came from the older database if there are specific search counts in the first column

For a limited time we are still allowing access to both keyword tools, though we anticipate removing access to the old keyword tool in the future once we have collected plenty of feedback on the new keyword tool. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the below comments.

One of the cool features of the new keyword tools worth highlighting further is the difference between estimated bid prices & estimated click prices. In the following screenshot you can see how Amazon is estimated as having a much higher bid price than actual click price, largely because due to low keyword relevancy entities other than the official brand being arbitraged by Google require much higher bids to appear on competing popular trademark terms.

Historically, this difference between bid price & click price was a big source of noise on lists of the most valuable keywords.

Recently some advertisers have started complaining about the "Google shakedown" from how many brand-driven searches are simply leaving the .com part off of a web address in Chrome & then being forced to pay Google for their own pre-existing brand equity.


Leading an SEO team is not an easy task. Nine industry experts share how to effectively guide your SEO team and assess their performance.

The post How to lead SEO teams and track its performance effectively: Experts’ tips appeared first on Search Engine Watch.

In today’s Soapbox, a warning about the hack in low-authority medical advice with content mirrors and “buying guides” slipping through Google’s algorithm.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.


#454 — September 13, 2019

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JavaScript Weekly

V8's Work on a Lighter V8V8 Lite has been a project aimed at reducing V8’s memory usage. Initially it was going to be a separate mode of V8 but many improvements have been able to come over to regular V8 too. Here’s a look at some of the key optimizations and the actual benefits to real workloads.

Mythri Alle, Dan Elphick, and Ross McIlroy (V8)

Moving Your JavaScript Development to the Terminal on Windows — If you’ve recently taken a look at Windows after becoming comfortable with macOS or Linux, this is for you. It’s a very detailed look at creating a powerful and elegant terminal-based development experience on Windows 10 using WSL and more.

Burke Holland

All-In-One Visual Testing and Review Platform — Replace time-consuming manual QA to catch visual UI bugs automatically. With Percy, you can test your UI across browsers and responsive widths on every pull request for continuous visual coverage.

Percy sponsor

Metronomes in JavaScript — An interesting experiment in comparing the efficacy of async functions, Web Workers, and using the Web Audio API’s clock for scheduling things precisely.

Monica Dinculescu

Lists of New ECMAScript Features by Version — This is pretty neat. Short and sweet lists of new ES features (with basic examples) that were introduced in ES2015 (a.k.a. ES6), ES2016, ES2017 and so on.

Dietmar Aumann

Immer 4.0: A Way to Work with Immutable State in JS — A popular package for working with immutable state in a convenient way. You apply changes to a draft state object and the mutations are applied to a state resulting in a new one.


💻 Jobs

Full Stack Engineer — Expensify seeks a self-driven individual passionate about making code effective, with an understanding of algorithms and design patterns.


Find a JavaScript job through Vettery — Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Let's Generate a Million Digits of Pi in 9 Lines of JavaScriptBigInt support makes this possible.

Andrew Jennings

A Re-Introduction to Destructuring AssignmentDestructuring assignment, introduced in ES6, provides an interesting way to dig into arrays and other objects to withdraw values more directly.

Laurie Barth

A Much Faster Way to Debug Code Than with Breakpoints or console.log — Wallaby catches errors in your tests and code and displays them right in your editor as you type, making your development feedback loop more productive.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Using void in JavaScript and TypeScriptvoid means rather different things in JS and TypeScript and does some things I hadn’t expected too.

Stefan Baumgartner

The 5 Big Features of TypeScript 3.7 and How to Use Them — It’s due in early November.

Tim Perry

▶  A 6 Hour React Native 'Crash Course' for Beginners — It’s slow going at first, but that’s because it’s truly aimed at beginners. It’s amazing how much is included here, though, and it’s well recorded too.

Maximilian Schwarzmüller

It’s Not Wrong That "🤦🏼‍♂️".length == 7 — The underlying ‘length’ of an emoji character is a complicated thing.. not just in JavaScript but in other languages too.

Henri Sivonen

X3D: Declarative 3D for the Modern Web — A look at X3D and how it offers a simple declarative approach for including 3D visualizations into web pages.

Adrian Sureshkumar

How Taiko Compares to Other Browser Automation Tools

ThoughtWorks - Taiko sponsor

Angular Dependency Injection Tips

Armen Vardanyan

▶  11 Talks from JSFoo VueDay 2019 — Talks from a Vue conference that took place in India two weeks ago.


🔧 Code & Tools

nanoSQL 2: A Universal 'Database Layer' for Client, Server and Mobile — Basically an abstraction for any JavaScript developers who want a database in their app. It can use numerous actual databases behind the scenes, including localStorage, IndexedDB, RocksDB, Redis, DynamoDB, ScyllaDB and SQLite. It claims to be like “Lego™ for databases”.

Scott Lott

React Suite 4.0: A Suite of 'Sensible' UI Components — A set of components that’s been under active development for a couple of years now. Supports React 16+, uses TypeScript, and they work on all major browsers. Components include things like buttons, modals, drawers, navigation bars, form input fields, tables, calendars, and more. GitHub repo.


Spacekit: A Library for Creating 3D Visualizations of Space — Here’s an example.

Ian Webster

Headroom.js: Hides Your Page Header Until Needed — A pure JS widget for hiding elements until needed (for example, show your page header when scrolling up).

Nick Williams

Automated Code Reviews for JavaScript — Set standards on coverage, duplication, complexity, and style issues and see real-time feedback in your Git workflow.

Codacy sponsor

Storytime: Tell Stories About Pieces of Code — This is hard to explain without a demo, so check out this explain demonstrating how React Fiber works.


Emoji Button: A Vanilla JavaScript Emoji Picker — Turns a button element into an emoji picker (similar to that some operating systems provide).

Joe Attardi

Filesize.js: A Library to Create Human Readable File Size Strings — For example: filesize(265318) returns 259.1 KB.

Jason Mulligan

⚡️ Quick Releases

🐦 An interesting Twitter thread...

Kyle Simpson, the author of YDKJS, has been thinking about some pain points when using asynchronous functions, particularly in relation to being able to cancel their execution when circumstances change. The whole thread is an interesting read, complete with people making suggestions of their workarounds.

We'd be pretty keen to link to any articles or opinion pieces covering this topic if you have any spare time this weekend ;-)


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Businesses that use 10 to 15 landing pages experience up to 55% more leads. Seven landing page copy techniques that boost conversion rates.

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PPC advertisers are seeing their long-term investments lose steam, traffic, and income. Five PPC tips for advertisers and internet marketing specialists.

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The Transformation of Search Summit 2019 will take place in New York on Oct. 25. Speakers include experts from Disney, Pinterest, Mastercard, and Microsoft.

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