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OWT has been designing and programming web pages since 1994. A lot has changed in that time, as access speeds have increased and technologies evolved. While technological advancements have been great for both the user and web site owner, it is important to distinguish between what industry innovations are appropriate for each individual client's needs and which are not. OWT has the experience to wade through the technological noise and decide which tech will prove to be the best fit for your application. Whether it be leveraging the growing importance of search engine recognition or ensuring the user experience is positive through an efficient and sleek design, OWT is prepared to create a website beneficial for the client as well as their users. 

We provide cost-effective solutions for most any budget.  From over-the-top sites with an extensive custom feature set down, to the simplest brochure site; we can deliver your next website for less than you think. We also provide you with the tool set to keep your content fresh and compelling. 

Although we have clients throughout the United States, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to our customers in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Walla Walla areas. When it comes to accurately designing and implementing a web site, we put customers first. 

Trust the experience that OWT has gained over such a long time in this relatively young industry. OWT will help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions to make your web initiative positive, productive and profitable. 


Affordable & Easy to Manage
Powerful CMS

Upgrade Your Site for Easy Content Management!

Let OWT upgrade your website to use our powerful CMS (Content Management System) that includes a great many powerful features and easy content mangement.  The OWT CMS is also MOBILE FRIENDLY supporting phones and tablets automatically. 

We can use your design or your graphic designers or create a design for you cost effectively.  Building a site in our CMS is fast and efficient. Most small business sites will cost less than $1000 and be unique and customized to your business and needs!  

Our latest features make our CMS and LMS platforms even better! New Video Chat features and Distance Learning Options in our Summer 2020 updates!

Contact us now and see how easy and painless we can make this transition for you!

OWT Makes it Easy!

No matter your web need let OWT show you just how easy we can make it for you!  We tame the technology for you - you don't have to learn complicated control panels as we can do it all for you.  From domain registration to Email and full-featured web hosting OWT can simplify your web experience immensely. 

Industry News

Google said because of some difficulties that some sites may have moving to mobile-first indexing, it has decided to not move those sites over yet..

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.


#​566 — November 26, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Remix: A Newly Open Sourced React-Based Framework for Web Apps — Remix has been around for over a year as ‘sponsorware’ but after picking up a lot of ardent supporters (and $3m of seed funding) the project has now been opened up. Bringing modern Web tech, tooling, and server-side rendering concepts together, there are a few things to check out if you're keen to learn more:

Remix Team

New Course: Introduction to Next.js, The Full-Stack React Framework — Next.js is a complete framework built on top of React.js. You'll learn server-side rendering, static site generation, data fetching, code API endpoints, creating pages with the file system, add CSS modules, and more.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Vercel, Creator of Next.js, Raises $150M — There’s a lot of money in developer tooling lately, it seems, including for the stewards of the Next.js project which gains a fresh competitor, of sorts, this week in the shape of Remix (above).


Prettier 2.5 Released: Now with TypeScript 4.5 and MDX v2 Support — If you’re a TypeScript user, this bump to the popular code formatting tool will be of particular interest to you.

Sosuke Suzuki



Chalk 5.0 – Terminal string styling for Node.js.

ShareDB 2.2 – Realtime database based on operational transformation.

Signature Pad 4.0 – Canvas control for drawing signatures.

node-qrcode 1.5 – Generate QR codes in Node apps.

ESLint 8.3.0 – Flexible code auditing tool.

Espree 9.1 – Esprima-compatible JS parser.

React Redux v8 Beta

💻 Jobs

Senior JavaScript Developer (Fullstack) — We’re looking for a senior full-stack developer to help us build a high performance, high accuracy online fraud prevention service.


Senior Mobile Developer (React Native/Node) – Remote — Join Sippd․com, the Forbes Next1000 startup changing how users find and buy alcohol with AI & computer vision. We’re looking for a generalist that loves growth hacking and taking big bets.


Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

The Unexpected Return of JS for Automation on macOS — A long time Mac expert reflects on what JavaScript offers folks who want to automate macOS versus AppleScript or Python before digging some of what you can do.

Armin Briegel

Introducing Svelte, and Comparing Svelte with React and Vue — If Svelte isn’t new to you, keep scrolling. But if you’re unsure what it’s about, this is a reasonable explanation of why you might use it and the basic experience.

Josh Collinsworth

How JavaScript Engines Achieve Great Performance — If you’ve ever wondered what it is browsers actually do to get JavaScript to execute quickly, this post digs into it a little.

Robin Heggelund Hansen

Notification Systems 2.0: Part 2 - Scale & Reliability

Courier sponsor

Using WebAssembly (Created in Rust) for Fast React Components — Just how easy is it to integrate Rust into a standard React workflow? Josh takes a look. This may seem a real meeting of buzzwords, but ideas like this have a way of turning into the future..

Josh Finnie

Useful React Hooks That You Can Use In Your Projects

Ifeanyi Dike (Smashing Magazine)

Volta vs. nvm for JavaScript Tooling

Jon Surrell

Why IndexedDB Is Slow and What to Use Instead

RxDB Documentation

🛠 Code & Tools

Polly 5.2: Record, Replay, and Stub HTTP Interactions — Works in both Node and the browser and gives you a lot of control over recording, replaying and intercepting HTTP requests made from your test suites.

Netflix, Inc.

Fiddle: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Electron — If you’ve wanted to play with Electron for building a JavaScript-powered desktop app but didn’t have the time, Fiddle makes it into more of a quick-start ‘playground’ experience.


Breakpoints and console.log Is the Past, Time Travel Is the Future — Test your code without leaving your editor, results display right next to your code and update immediately as you type.

Quokka.js sponsor

reading-time: Reading Time Estimation for the Web — Feed it some text and it’ll give you some basic estimates (e.g. ‘7 min read’).

Nicolas Gryman

file-type: Detect the File Type of a Buffer, Uint8Array, or ArrayBuffer — For example, give it the raw data from a PNG file, and it’ll tell you it’s a PNG file.

Sindre Sorhus

PickBetterPack: Discover Similar Packages from package.json Dependencies — Paste a package.json and this tool will show you a tree-like view with similar options for each dependency listed. A mixed bag, but an interesting idea.


Tried. Tested. Trusted. Studio 3T - Power Tools for MongoDB — Intuitive IntelliShell. Generate JavaScript from queries. Reshape data with Reschema. Try Studio 3T free for 30 days.

Studio 3T sponsor

use-prosemirror: Use the ProseMirror Editor in React EasilyProseMirror is a popular toolkit for building rich text editors.

Dmitry Minkovsky

Color 4: A Color Conversion and Manipulation Library — Immutable color conversion and manipulation with support for CSS color strings.


React Image Crop: A Responsive Image Cropping Tool

Dominic Tobias

🎵 Last but not least...

Elementary Grid: A JS + Elementary Powered Music Creator — Attempt to be the next deadmau5 with this JavaScript powered grid music creator.. or at least have a fun 30 seconds. Elementary is a toolkit we covered earlier this year that presents a new way to build audio software in JavaScript.

Johan Althoff


Everything you need to implement and inform your ad revenue strategy

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Every year at this time you’ll find us hard at work to place an enticing selection of great Black Friday deals and discounts in front of our web design and agency friends to help them prepare for the big event. 2021 is no different. The task has been somewhat easier thanks to a greater number […]

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#​565 — November 19, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Understanding Why a Build Got 15x Slower with Webpack 5 — Two engineers began to encounter their front-end build process taking minutes rather than seconds and wondered what was up. This is their brief yet technical explanation of how they debugged it and how Webpack got a fix.

Eoin Hennessy (Tines)

Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript — These sorts of stories always seem to be popular as teams weigh up the best way to progress. Etsy had a lot of JavaScript code but felt some of the problems they were encountering could be solved by TypeScript. This post digs into the approach they took and “what it took to educate an Etsy-sized company in a new programming language”.

Salem Hilal

Video API Built to Create Stunning Visual Experiences — Are videos impacting your page's load time? Now, deliver optimized videos in the right format, quality & size based on the user's device in real-time. Delivering stunning visual experiences just got simpler, Try ImageKit's forever-free plan today.

ImageKit.io sponsor

Some Notes on Using 'esbuild' — Julia Evans’ walk into the world of JavaScript bundling will be of immediate interest to anyone who’s been doing JavaScript since pre-bundling times, and it digs well into how an experienced developer unfamiliar with esbuild interprets what it really does.

Julia Evans

TypeScript 4.5 Released — Just two weeks after the RC comes the final release. What’s new? The formerly promised ES module support for Node is now merely experimental and in nightly releases only, but you also get the Awaited type, tail recursion elimination on conditional types, and naturally much more.

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

React 18 Enters Beta Stage — ..but as the official Twitter account explains in a thread: “Most developers don’t need to think about React 18 yet..” while noting they're keen for people to try it out and leave feedback on the issue tracker. The final release is due in Q1 2022.

React Working Group



Tagify 4.9 – Elegant input component for tags.

Vuetify 2.6 – Material Component Framework for Vue.

execa 6.0 – A better Node process launcher.

Plottable 3.12.0 – Modular chart components on D3.

Teaful 0.8 – Tiny React state library.

Dann.js 2.4 – Neural network library.

Electron.js 16

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Mid/Senior Software Engineer at Carbon Five (LA / SF / NYC / CHA) — Join our team of creative full-stack devs to work with exciting clients in tech. Great benefits, growth opps, caring team & more.

Carbon Five

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

How to Build Stunning 3D Scenes with React Three Fiber — If you want to build neat 3D visualizations in the browser using the React concepts you’re already familiar with, here’s how to get started. A great intro.

Varun Vachhar

Powerful Command Line Tools for Modern Web Development — What’s your favorite command-line tool? In this post, Louis shares a collection of relevant command-line apps and utilities that he has personally come across in the past few years.

Louis Lazaris

Migrating from Puppeteer to PlaywrightPuppeteer is a popular Node library to remote control Chrome/Chromium browsers, whereas Playwright is a little broader and newer. This post digs through what you need to consider if you switch between the two.


Develop a Faster Way to Work. Build Internal Tools, Remarkably Fast — Custom dashboards, admin panels, CRUD apps—build any internal tool faster in Retool. Get started for free today.

Retool sponsor

Using Web Workers to Boost Third-Party Script Performance — A look at Partytown, a still experimental library that aims to improve third-party script performance using Web Worker technology.

Arek Nawo

How to Debounce and Throttle Callbacks in Vue — How to debounce and throttle watchers and event handlers in Vue components.

Dmitri Pavlutin

Detecting Objects with Serverless, Twilio Video, and TensorFlow.js

Lizzie Siegle (Twilio)

🛠 Code & Tools

Dexie.js 3.2: The IndexedDB Wrapper is Now Reactive — Dexie provides a well thought out wrapper around the IndexedDB API offered by most mainstream browsers and now it integrates even better with reactive UI libraries too. The homepage has had a facelift too and includes framework specific examples.

David Fahlander

Electron 16.0.0 ReleasedElectron, the toolkit for building cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, is now one of those projects with a fast, regular release cadence, so no huge changes here, but you get Chrome 96, Node 16.9.1 and V8 9.6 support, as well as the WebHID API.

OpenJS Foundation

App Performance Blocked By Your Database? — PolyScale provides a plug-and-play database edge cache. Scale globally in minutes without writing code.

PolyScale.ai sponsor

MicroDiff: Lightweight, No Dependency Object and Array Comparison — Given two objects or arrays, it returns the differences. Boasts high performance and TypeScript support.


React Location: A New 'Enterprise-Grade' React App Router — An effort which got its start “as a wrapper around the long-winded [React Router] v6 beta release” has spun off as a standalone project of its own.

Tanner Linsley

browser-or-node 2.0: Figure Out Where Your Code is Running — Provides a simple way to tell if your code is currently running in a browser, in Node, in a Web Worker, or in Deno.

Dinesh Pandiyan

Free Activity Feeds & Chat APIs for Qualifying Teams

Stream sponsor

Geodesy Functions Implemented in JavaScript v2.3.0Geodesy is the science of measuring the earth, its shape, distances, etc. If you have a need to work with such concepts, these examples will be useful.

Chris Veness

μPlot 1.6: Fast, Tiny, Canvas-Based Time Series Chart Library

Leon Sorokin


A guide that can make your holiday season strategy a conversion magnet

The post Four Google SERP features for ecommerce SEO appeared first on Search Engine Watch.


#​564 — November 12, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

'Rust is the Future of JavaScript Infrastructure' — It’s an opinion but the growing evidence is compelling. Rust (as well as Go) is now being heavily used to replace parts of the JavaScript tooling ecosystem that might have otherwise been written in JavaScript before (e.g. Rome, SWC, dprint).

Lee Robinson

Airbnb's Extensive JavaScript Style Guide — It’s been a few years since we mentioned this hugely popular, opinionated style guide, but it continues to get frequent updates/fixes and the first major update (v19) in two years has just been tagged.


Manage the Stability of Your Electron Apps with Bugsnag — Capture JavaScript and native errors with end-to-end error reporting and diagnostics to fix the errors that matter and streamline user experience. Learn more.

Bugsnag sponsor

Vercel Hires Rich Harris, Creator of Svelte — ‘Person gets job’ isn’t the most obviously interesting story out there, but when it’s the creator of Svelte (and someone who has ▶️ lots of great insights on how webapps should be built) joining a platform that will enable him to focus even more strongly on the project, it’s exciting as Rich himself says.

Guillermo Rauch

Now that Svelte has full-time engineering resources, it’s exciting to see accumulating evidence that things are moving more and more into a post-React world.

Zach Leatherman (creator of Eleventy)

Bundle Scanner: Identify npm Libraries Used on a Web Page — Enter a URL and this tool will try and show you what npm packages were used in the page’s JavaScript even if they’re all bundled up. There’s an explanation of how it works. Or some example results for Kent C Dodd’s fancy new homepage.

Markus Englund

📆  JavaScript Marathon: A Week of Free Online Courses/Talks — Between November 15-19 (that’s next Monday to Friday), several JavaScript developers are giving online workshops on things like NgRx, GraphQL, XState, and Vite.

This Dot Labs


RxDB 10.4 – Realtime database for JS apps.

Cypress 9.0 – Test framework for anything browser-based.

Deno 1.16 – It's definitely not Node.

Intro.js 4.3 – User onboarding UI library.

htmlparser2 v7.2 – Forgiving HTML and XML parser.

React Router v6

Angular DevTools 1.0.4

💻 Jobs

Backend Engineer (Remote, EU Timezones) — We’ve built a product thousands of people love (See Trustpilot if you don’t believe us). We need your help with Node & TypeScript.


Software Engineer at Carbon Five (LA / SF / NYC / CHA) — Hiring full-stack developers at all levels to join our team of creative consultants. New tech, great clients, growth opps & more.

Carbon Five

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

The Invisible JavaScript Backdoor — It’s one thing if you can read some code to discover sneaky backdoors, but what if the code looks totally fine, yet really it’s not? Invisible Unicode characters make it possible as we see (or not) here. One mitigation against this is to have your editor highlight such troublesome characters such as with the Gremlins extension for VS Code or Sublime Text.

Wolfgang Ettlinger

Developer-First Infrastructure Using JavaScript and Pulumi — Build, deploy, and manage modern cloud applications and infrastructure using JavaScript. Get started for free.

Pulumi sponsor

How to Toggle Dark Mode on a Page with a (Literal) Blink — It’s arguable how useful this specific use case for Tensorflow.js is, but it’s interesting, works quite well (for me.. even with glasses on), and could lead you on to other things.

Ankur Kedia

Earning $1.5M in Revenue from a JavaScript Component — I know some of you love the occasional entrepreneurial story and maybe Marcin Warpechowski of Handsontable will inspire you with his.

Indie Hackers

Node-RED in Industrial IoT: A Growing StandardNode-RED is a long standing Node.js-based ‘low code’ environment where you wire components together and it’s taking on established commercial systems in the industrial world.

United Manufacturing Hub

Beyond onClick: Handling Events in React

Lightstep sponsor

How to Speed Up Your TypeScript Monorepo with esbuild

Matteo Mazzarolo

Localizing Your Next.js App: The Basics

Átila Fassina

🛠 Code & Tools

Splide: Lightweight and Accessible Slider/Carousel — It’s nice to see a clean, modern spin on the often maligned UI element. The homepage is packed with demos too. No dependencies, written in TypeScript, and boasts a clean report from Lighthouse. GitHub repo.

Naotoshi Fujita

Vuestic 1.3.0: A Free and Open Source UI Library for Vue 3 — Some data tables have been added, along with a time picker.


Liqe: Lightweight Lucene-like Parser and Search Engine — Lets you use Lucene-style search query syntax to query or test things you have in JavaScript objects. Interesting idea.

Gajus Kuizinas

Tried. Tested. Trusted. Studio 3T - Power Tools for MongoDB — Intuitive IntelliShell. Generate JavaScript from queries. Reshape data with Reschema. Try Studio 3T free for 30 days.

Studio 3T sponsor

MiniMasonry.js: Minimalist Dependancy Free Masonry Layout Library — ‘Masonry’ layouts are where you get a wall-style effect on pages with elements laid out in strictly defined columns (or rows, sometimes).


Meet Hydrogen: Shopify's React Framework for Dynamic, Contextual and Personalized E-CommerceHydrogen is an in-development React framework bringing tech like Server Components and Vite into play for building custom stores on Shopify's ecommerce platform.

Ilya Grigorik (Shopify)

Bree 7.0: A Versatile Job Scheduler for Node — Supports cron, dates, ms, later, and human-friendly for scheduling things. Made to help run Forward Email. GitHub repo.

Nick Baugh

hashids.js: Small Library to Generate YouTube Style IDs from Numbers — If you don’t want to expose numeric IDs to end users, this is an interesting option.

Bazyli Brzóska

Vant: 65+ Lightweight Mobile UI Components Built with Vue and TypeScript



#​563 — November 5, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Chrome's New Feature to Record and Replay User Flows — It’s only a preview feature in Canary builds right now, but Chrome is adding a new Recorder panel to its DevTools which lets you record and replay a string of actions on a page (including under simulated slow network conditions). You can also measure the flow and get a performance trace for analysis.

Jecelyn Yeen (Google)

Angular 13 Released — Despite sentiment on social media, Angular continues to be a hugely popular framework, particularly in enterprise situations and v13 continues to push things forward with more of the Ivy related improvements coming through.

Mark Thompson

Another Bug Bites the Dust — AppSignal is an easy-to-use error and performance monitoring tool. We support the most popular Node.js frameworks and packages out-of-the-box. All features are included in all plans. Start a trial and send us your address for a box of Dutch cookies.

AppSignal sponsor

Microsoft Brings (More) JavaScript to Excel — At its latest Ignite conference, Microsoft unveiled an Excel update (currently in ‘preview’) that introduces a new JavaScript API for creating custom data types and functions based on them. More details here.


Announcing TypeScript 4.5 RC — The first release candidate of TypeScript 4.5 is here with no changes now expected before the final release. We’ll focus more on the final release but a big change with this RC is deferring the promised ESM support for Node.js.

Daniel Rosenwasser and the TypeScript Team


  • The V8 team has created the V8 v9.7 branch which introduces two new Array methods (findLast and findLastIndex) without needing a flag.

  • Two more npm packages have had malicious code injected by hijackers, this time it's coa and rc, both of which get millions of downloads per week.

  • Jeremy Wagner has written and now published, with A Book Apart, a new book called Responsible JavaScript.

  • Nat Friedman, who has been a fantastic steward and CEO for GitHub since its acquisition by Microsoft, is moving on and handing the reins over to Thomas Dohmke.

  • Talking of GitHub, if you fancy building a game in JavaScript consider joining their Game Off 2021 event – you get till December 1 to submit an entry.


Visual Studio Code (October) – Light on JS updates this time.

axios-hooks 3.0 – React hooks for Axios.

Recoil 0.5.0 – Experimental React state management library.

Marked 4.0 – Markdown parser and compiler.

jqGrid 5.6 – jQuery tabular data grid plugin.

Rollup 2.59.0 – ES module bundler.

Puppeteer 11 – Headless Chrome Node.js API.

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Software Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.

Sticker Mule

Find JavaScript Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📖 Tutorials, Opinions & Stories

▶  Have Single-Page Apps Ruined the Web? — The creator of frontend framework Svelte talks about the criticisms lodged towards single-page apps and how ‘transitional apps’ may be the way forward. Lots of good insights here that will probably make you feel a bit smarter afterward too.

Rich Harris

Developer Tools Secrets That Shouldn’t Be Secrets — An Edge-focused look at console power tips, how to use browser developer tools outside the browser, and more.

Christian Heilmann

Visualizing Time Series Data with the Highcharts Library and InfluxDB — Learn how to use Highcharts library to understand and act on IoT data in this hands-on tutorial.

InfluxData sponsor

Creating the Effect of Transparent Glass and Plastic with Three.js — The effects you can pull off in the browser nowadays continue to impress me as someone who grew up on 8-bit graphics(!) ;-)

Kelly Milligan

How to Show/Hide Elements in Vue — How to use v-if, v-show and :class to show/hide elements in Vue.

Dmitri Pavlutin

▶  What is Astro? — Drew McLellan talks to developer Matthew Phillips about the modern static site builder.

Smashing Podcast podcast

Best Practices for Embedding Third-Party Web Widgets

Ravidu Perera

Proxying Third-Party JavaScript as First-Party JavaScript (and the Potential Effect on Analytics)

Chris Coyier

How to Deploy a Vue.js 3 App on Azure Static Web Apps

Obinna Odirionye

🛠 Code & Tools

Hasty: A JavaScript Snippet Perfomance Comparison Tool — A quick, easy-to-use online tool that lets you test variations of a particular snippet to see which one performs best. A bit like jsPerf from the old day, or other tools like perf.link and jsBench.

Mads Cordes

Coding Font: A 'Game' to Find Your New Favorite Code Font — This is a fun idea. It throws over 25 popular developer-oriented fonts into a ‘tournament’ and you then pick your favorites until you’re left with a winner. (It was JetBrains Mono for me.)


Dynamic Charts Based on Data Selection in Angular — Ever had users asking to be able to generate their own charts? This tutorial shows you how easy it can be with Kendo UI for Angular.

Progress Kendo UI for Angular sponsor

History: An API to Manage Session History with JavaScript — The getting started docs give a great look at why and where you’d use this.


Depp: Check npm Modules for Unused and Duplicate Dependencies Fast — A new Go-powered tool you run from your JavaScript/TypeScript project’s folder to look for unused dependencies.

Rahul Tarak

Prisma 3.4.0 Released: The Popular 'Next Gen' ORM and Toolset — PostgreSQL 14 support is a key feature, plus support for using orderBy with aggregate groups in MongoDB, as well as the usual tweaks and bug fixes.


Smooth Scrollbar: Flexible, Customizable Scrollbars — I quite like that it advises you not to use it unless “you know what you are doing” – good advice considering how it can make navigating a page ‘feel’ different. Try the demo page.

Daofeng Wu

Catch Errors in Your Complex Regular Expressions with SonarLint

SonarLint sponsor

A Script to Export Photoshop Layers to Individual Files Fast — This caught my interest as I’ve done some scripting in Adobe apps before. It uses an unusual dialect of ECMAScript called ‘ExtendScript’ (hence the confusing .jsx extension on the scripts) but you can get a lot done with it, as demonstrated here.


Detox: 'Gray Box' End-to-End Testing and Automation Framework for Mobile Apps — Tests your mobile app while it’s running in a real device/simulator, interacting with it just like a real user – you write the scripts in JavaScript.


CachedLookup: A Simple Package to Cache and Save on Expensive API Calls



Just about any SEO strategy includes competitive research but more often than not you miss out on important aspects and opportunities

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