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OWT has been designing and programming web pages since 1994. A lot has changed in that time, as access speeds have increased and technologies evolved. While technological advancements have been great for both the user and web site owner, it is important to distinguish between what industry innovations are appropriate for each individual client's needs and which are not. OWT has the experience to wade through the technological noise and decide which tech will prove to be the best fit for your application. Whether it be leveraging the growing importance of search engine recognition or ensuring the user experience is positive through an efficient and sleek design, OWT is prepared to create a website beneficial for the client as well as their users. 

We provide cost-effective solutions for most any budget.  From over-the-top sites with an extensive custom feature set down, to the simplest brochure site; we can deliver your next website for less than you think. We also provide you with the tool set to keep your content fresh and compelling. 

Although we have clients throughout the United States, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to our customers in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Walla Walla areas. When it comes to accurately designing and implementing a web site, we put customers first. 

Trust the experience that OWT has gained over such a long time in this relatively young industry. OWT will help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions to make your web initiative positive, productive and profitable. 


Affordable & Easy to Manage
Powerful CMS

Upgrade Your Site for Easy Content Management!

Let OWT upgrade your website to use our powerful CMS (Content Management System) that includes a great many powerful features and easy content mangement.  The OWT CMS is also MOBILE FRIENDLY supporting phones and tablets automatically. 

We can use your design or your graphic designers or create a design for you cost effectively.  Building a site in our CMS is fast and efficient. Most small business sites will cost less than $1000 and be unique and customized to your business and needs!  

Our latest features make our CMS and LMS platforms even better! New Video Chat features and Distance Learning Options in our Summer 2020 updates!

Contact us now and see how easy and painless we can make this transition for you!

OWT Makes it Easy!

No matter your web need let OWT show you just how easy we can make it for you!  We tame the technology for you - you don't have to learn complicated control panels as we can do it all for you.  From domain registration to Email and full-featured web hosting OWT can simplify your web experience immensely. 

Industry News

You will now see fewer FAQ drop downs in the Google search results.

Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article.


#​543 — June 18, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Benchmarking JavaScript Memory Usage — Historically, memory usage hasn’t been a heavily tracked thing in the JavaScript world, whether for a lack of tooling or motivation. This is changing, and new tools and APIs are turning up all the time. Here, Tim has done some analysis of what the top 10k Web sites are using in terms of memory and, perhaps controversially, how the choice of framework can affect things.

Tim Kadlec (WebPageTest)

Dr. Axel Explains Three ECMAScript Proposals — JavaScript’s inimitable doctor is blogging again and has examined the ‘error cause’ proposal (a way to let Error instances specify if they were caused by another error), JSON modules (a way to import data as if it were an ES module), and Accessible Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() (a way to check if an object has an own/non-inherited property).

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Take Control of Your Core Web Vitals with Raygun — Don't be a bystander when Core Web Vitals are released as a ranking factor by Google. In this in-depth walkthrough, our expert team follows a proven process to monitor and improve Core Web Vitals with Raygun, and give you the power to do the same.

Raygun sponsor

Next.js 11 Released — The popular React framework takes some more steps forward with improved performance, Webpack 5 support, an experimental way to make Create React App apps Next.js compatible, and Next.js Live, a preview of a way to build Next.js apps in the browser, collaboratively, with your team.

Next.js Team

💡 If you happen to use React a lot, be sure to check out our React newsletter too.

Quick Bits


NeutralinoJS 2.3.0 — Cross-platform desktop app dev framework.

SVG.js 3.1 — Easier manipulation of SVG from JS.

ws 7.5.0 — WebSocket client and server for Node.js.

Intro.js 4.1 — Easy user onboarding approach.

Tailwind CSS 2.2 — Popular CSS framework.

Deno 1.11 Released — A variety of enhancements in the latest release of the alternative server-side V8-powered JavaScript runtime:

  • The Deno project now supplies official Docker images.

  • You can now abort fetch requests in a Web-compatible way.

  • deno lint is now considered stable.

  • BroadcastChannel brings support for broadcasting messages amongst Web Workers.

Deno Core Team

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer @ Kinsta — Join our ownership-embracing team of JS developers in a relaxed environment where culture is as important as technical excellence.


JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find Software Engineering Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.


📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

▶  What You Need to Know About React 18 — Last week we featured the official plan for React 18 and the community has set to work chewing over what it all means. My favorite roundup is this one which tackles the big picture in the first five minutes but then goes into a little more depth if you want it.

Harry Wolff

When CSS Isn’t Enough: JavaScript Requirements For Accessible Components — Stephanie Eckles looks at how components such as tooltips, modals, tabs, carousels, and dropdown menus often require more than just CSS (even when 'pure CSS' solutions are technically possible), especially to ensure accessibility.

Smashing Magazine

Infrastructure as Code using JavaScript and Pulumi — Use the JavaScript language and ecosystem to manage and provision infrastructure across any cloud and a variety of workloads.

Pulumi sponsor

Examples of New Browser APIs to Detect JS Performance Problems in Production — Basic coverage of using performance.now(), the Long Task API (with PerformanceObserver), the Event Timing API, and the JavaScript Self-Profiling API.

Michael Shpilt

Embedding Vue.js Apps in Go(lang) — With Go 1.16’s embed, you can now include frontend assets directly in a Go binary, making a full-stack server deployment as simple as running a single executable file.

Trevor Taubitz

A Visual Guide to Node.js Streams — Streams aren’t conceptually too difficult to grasp but some visuals fit well and certainly help.

Deepal Jayasekara

Drawing Graphics with the CSS Paint API — A practical introduction to the CSS Paint API with hands-on code examples including particles, noise buttons and curvy dividers.

Georgi Nikolov

5 Reasons Not to Write Your JavaScript Data Grid from Scratch

Progress Kendo UI for Angular sponsor

How to Dynamically Import ECMAScript Modules

Dmitri Pavlutin

Why Using Object Spread (...) with reduce May Be A Bad Idea

Prateek Surana

Advanced TypeScript: A Generic Function to Merge Object Arrays

Chris Frewin

🛠 Code & Tools

MathJax 3.2.0: Beautiful Math Rendering in All Browsers — You’re smarter than me if you know what that formula represents, but it looks nice.. v3.2.0 dropped yesterday. GitHub repo.


Viewer.js 1.10: A Flexible JavaScript Image Viewer — We first linked this almost five years ago, but it’s still kept updated. If you’ve got a group of images to show, this provides user controls to move between them, zoom (including with gestures), rotate, and such like. GitHub repo.

Chen Fengyuan

Breakpoints and console.log Is the Past, Time Travel Is the Future — 15x faster JavaScript debugging than with breakpoints and console.log.

Wallaby.js sponsor

Remote Repositories Extension for Visual Studio Code — If you use VS Code, this extension from GitHub itself offers a quicker way to open GitHub repos remotely direct from the editor.


Undici 4.0: An HTTP Client, Written from Scratch for Node — The goal of this project has been to replace Node’s core HTTP library with something faster, more scalable, and without the ‘fundamental design issues’ of the core API. v4 introduces redirect support, a faster WASM-powered parser, and a native mocking layer. GitHub repo.

Nagy, Collina, et al.

A One-Click Starter Project for Next.js 11 and Netlify

Cassidy Williams

rmodal.js: A Simple 1.2 KB Modal Dialog with No Dependencies

Iskren Slavov

🎵 And one for fun..

A Pathfinding Algorithm Visualizer — A fun tool for visualizing different pathfinding algorithms (essentially ways to find routes from one point to another). Here’s the source if you want to dig deeper, including the algorithms.

Joseph Prichard


Seasonal marketing can get really wrong unless you start preparing early! Here’s how to utilize slower months to create an effective seasonal marketing campaign.

The post Here’s how you can master your next seasonal digital marketing campaign appeared first on Search Engine Watch.


If you're avoiding these platforms, your search strategy is incomplete

The post Quora and Reddit: Powerhouses for SEO and marketing in 2021 appeared first on Search Engine Watch.


#​542 — June 11, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Introducing Astro: Ship (Even) Less JavaScript — From the creator of Snowpack and Skypack comes a new 'bring your own framework' static site builder where the site is rendered to static HTML and only loads JavaScript as-needed using an “islands architecture” to allow partial hydration. It's always fun to see these folks experimenting with how we approach problems. Keen to learn more? This 50 minute talk + live demo helps a lot.

Fred K. Schott

The Plan for React 18 — The React team has outlined some exciting things on the roadmap for React 18 (due in its final form in 'several months' time'):

The React Core Team

Learn to Build Scalable React Apps — Brian Holt covers the latest tools in the React ecosystem like TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Redux, Jest, and more in this new and updated video course!

Frontend Masters sponsor

Introducing Chrome's New Memory Inspector — Landing in Chrome 91’s DevTools is the new memory inspector with which you can inspect your ArrayBuffer, TypedArray, DataView, and even WebAssembly Memory.

Kim-Anh Tran (Google)

Vue.js 3.1.0 (Pluto) Released — There’s now the migration build, a build of Vue 3 that offers Vue 2 compatible behavior to help with Vue 2 to 3 migrations. Cédric Exbrayat rounds up some other 3.1 additions here.

Vue.js Team

Quick Bits


use-sound 4.0 — React hook for sound effects.

Cypress 7.5.0 — Testing system.

Ghost 4.7.0 — Headless Node.js CMS / blogging system.

QUnit 2.16.0 — Easy JavaScript testing framework.

Plotly.js 2.0

💻 Jobs

Frontend Developer at MIT (Remote, Contract to Full-Time) — Are you a frontend developer with React and UX skills? Join our team at MIT building a new platform for the energy industry.

MIT Energy Initiative

JavaScript Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.

Sticker Mule

Find Software Engineering Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.


📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

Implementing Private Fields for JavaScript — Although you might be using them already via Babel or TypeScript, private fields are a feature being added to JavaScript directly through the TC39 proposal process.

Matthew Gaudet

Creating a Serverless Function to Scrape Web Page MetadataMetascraper is a Node.js package for scraping metadata from live web pages and this tutorial demonstrates its use via a Vercel hosted function.

Matteo Mazzarolo

[Free Download] Guide to Effective Feature Management — Learn feature management practices to accelerate release cycles and deploy every 6 hours, instead of every 6 weeks.

LaunchDarkly sponsor

▶  Exploring Deno Land 🦕 with Ryan Dahl — Ryan Dahl, the original creator of Node.js creator and now creator of the Deno runtime, went on the popular Changelog podcast to talk about how the success of Node changed his life and what led him to creating Deno.

The Changelog Podcast podcast

Managing Shared State in Vue 3 — Writing large-scale Vue applications can be a challenge. In this article, Shawn Wildermuth dives into the pros and cons of approaches like factories, shared objects, and using Vuex. He also explains what is coming in Vuex 5.0 that might change how we all use shared state in Vue 3.

Shawn Wildermuth

Rust from a JavaScript Perspective: A Tongue-in-Cheek Tour“I am documenting – albeit in a bit funny way – some thoughts in my journey so far in Rust land, coming from the viewpoint of a hardcore JavaScript enthusiast.”


Why Tracing Might Replace (Almost) All Logging

Lightstep sponsor

How To Build a Geocoding App with Vue.js and Mapbox

Prince Chukwudire

Ten Tips for Building More Accessible Angular Apps

Emma Twersky (Google)

Don't Use Functions As Callbacks Unless They're Designed for It

Jake Archibald

🛠 Code & Tools

supported by

Handsfree.JS: Bring Face, Hand or Pose Tracking to Your Frontend Apps — Track up to four hands at once (more than I’ve got, at least), 21 ‘landmarks’ for a single hand, or even faces and bodies in detail. I’m also digging the rather retro homepage. GitHub repo.

Oz Ramos

Mocha 9.0 Released: The Popular JavaScript Test Framework — Mocha has been a popular go-to test framework for both Node and the browser for years. 9.0 drops Node 10.x support and is going ‘ES modules first’ by using ESM import rather than CommonJS require to load test files by default.


Flicking 4.0: A Carousel Component with 30M Daily Users — Naver, a South Korean portal and search engine, claims 30 million people use their carousel component every day. Works with Angular, React, Vue and Preact.


[New] Free JavaScript Code Quality & Security Scanner - Real‑Time Scan — Like Grammarly for your code. Scan your JavaScript code for quality & security issues, and get fix advice in your IDE.

Snyk sponsor

FlexSearch.js 0.7.0: A Full Text Search Library with No Dependencies — Claims to outperform its competition while supporting features like multi-word matching and phonetic transformations. Happy in both the browser and Node.js.

Nextapps GmbH

PM2 5.0 Released: The Production Process ManagerPM2 is a popular process manager and load balancer for long running Node.js apps. 5.0 is a significant release adding a new local system monitoring feature for tracking metrics like CPU and memory use.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

Naive UI: A Vue 3 Component Library — I kinda respect it describes itself as “not too slow” and “kinda interesting”(!)


Nanostores: A 152 Byte State Manager for React/Preact/Vue/Svelte with Many Atomic Tree-Shakable Stores

Andrey Sitnik

Angular Flex-Layout: A Sophisticated Layout API for Angular using Flexbox Media Queries


🎵 And one for fun..

RxJChess: A Chess Game Built on React, Redux and RxJS — You can play against the CPU or even find a friend. Plays pretty well. Once you’ve had enough of losing (or is that just me?) you can also check out the source.

Prashanth Selvam


#​541 — June 4, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Making JavaScript Run Fast on WebAssembly — Twenty years ago, JavaScript had a reputation of being rather slow but a huge amount of time, money and research went into making it incredibly fast in the browser. Now, the Bytecode Alliance is supporting work to do the same with optimizing performance in new environments opened up by WebAssembly. Lin illustrates what’s going on in her usual easily understood style.

Lin Clark (Bytecode Alliance)

Svelte for the Experienced React DevSvelte distinguishes itself from other frameworks by gaining efficiency with build time (as opposed to run time) compilation to vanilla JS. This walks through the basics with a React-leaning eye.

Adam Rackis

Couchbase Is the SQL-Friendly, NoSQL JSON Document Database — Couchbase has integrations available for Spring, Node, ASP.NET, and more. Read and write your data with a fusion of NoSQL flexibility and SQL familiarity. Check out developer.couchbase.com today for sample apps and tutorials.

Couchbase sponsor

▶  The History of Angular with Misko Hevery — The original developer of Angular talks about the history of the framework. 37 minutes.

Angular Rocks Podcast podcast

Quick Bits


Node v16.3.0 — Runner of the codes.

Electron 13 — Build desktop apps with Node 14.16 and Chromium 91.

Acorn 8.3 — Pure JS JavaScript parser.

Forever 4.0 — CLI app to run a script forever.

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Graphics Engineer — Join our "kick ass" team. Our software team operates from 17 countries and we're always looking for more exceptional engineers.

Sticker Mule

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find Software Engineering Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.


📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

Getting Started with webpack — If you’re already working with webpack, scroll on by, but otherwise this is a reasonable beginner-oriented introduction to the main concepts.

Nwani Victory (Smashing Magazine)

State Management in Vue 3 Applications with Vuex — A practical introduction (based around a e-commerce style example) to modern state management in a Vue 3 app.

Fikayo Adepoju

An Introduction to WebAssembly for JavaScript Developers — Less a conceptual intro and more a code-driven recipe book, this guide jumps right into loading bytecode, passing values back and forth, and working with buffers.

Pascal Pares

The Modern Guide to OAuth — This guide is based on our experience building FusionAuth, an OAuth server that has been downloaded over 5 million times.

FusionAuth sponsor

An Introduction to Trigonometry with CSS and JavaScript — A three-part overview of trigonometry, understanding how it can be useful, and diving into some creative applications in CSS and JavaScript.

Michelle Barker

▶  A Chat with TC39 Delegate Daniel Ehrenberg — It’s not an official TC39 podcast, but it might as well be. Hemanth talks to Daniel Ehrenberg who’s worked on numerous ECMAScript proposals (such as the Decimal proposal).

TC39er Podcast podcast

How to Use Pivot Tables with SpreadJS — SpreadJS is a commercial JavaScript spreadsheet control, but it’s interesting to see what sort of functionality you can get.

Mackenzie Albitz

How To Create User Interactions with Events in Vue

Dave Berning

▶  Using Async, Await, and Promises in Express.js

Beyond Code Workshop

Using the X-Amzn-Trace-Id Header For Request Tracing Through Amazon's Load Balancers

Ben Nadel

How to Memoize with React.useMemo()

Dmitri Pavlutin

🛠 Code & Tools

D3Funnel 2.0: A Library for Rendering Funnel Charts using D3.js — Useful if you want to represent values as a process passes through various stages, say.

Jake Zatecky

Jsonmatic: Transform CSV Data into JSON — A simple online tool for uploading a CSV file and getting some JSON back.

Erik Martín Jordán

Breakpoints and console.log Is the Past, Time Travel Is the Future — 15x faster JavaScript debugging than with breakpoints and console.log.

Wallaby.js sponsor

ts-audio: Work with AudioContext More Easily — Want a demo complete with code? Here you go. You can create audio playlists too.

Evandro Leopoldino Gonçalves

PLV8 3.0: V8 JavaScript, But for Postgres — JavaScript in the browser, on the server.. but what about inside your Postgres database? PLV8 brings the power of JavaScript into Postgres functions by way of this extension which has just hit a new major version.

plv8 team

Handsontable 9.0: A Mature Data Grid That Feels Like a Spreadsheet — Plain JavaScript, Vue, Angular, React - it works with them all (demo). Note that it’s dual licensed, so is only free for evaluation or non-commercial use. GitHub repo.


Svelte-Motion: Animation Library for Svelte based on Framer Motion — An animation library for Svelte apps based on Framer Motion. Still in beta but the homepage itself shows off some of the functionality.

Michael Lucht

[Free Download] Guide to Effective Feature Management

LaunchDarkly sponsor

ethers.js: Complete Ethereum Library and Wallet Implementation in JS


useStateMachine: The ½KB State Machine React Hook

Cassio Zen

A Vue 3 Starter App with Vite, TypeScript, ESLint and Prettier



#​540 — May 28, 2021

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JavaScript Weekly

Sparkplug: V8's Non-Optimizing JavaScript Compiler — When you wonder just where the V8 team will pull out a few more % of performance improvements, they come up with something :-). Their new ‘super-fast non-optimizing compiler’ in V8 v9.1 sits in between the existing interpreter and TurboFan compiler engines and brings another 5-15% boost to benchmarks. Firefox has had a similar concept in the shape of the baseline interpreter.

Leszek Swirski (V8 Team)

Locate Front-End Issues Like JavaScript or Network Errors Instantly — Get proactively alerted on any client-side issues such as JavaScript and network errors, optimize the load time of your front-end resources, and detect any UI issues that affect critical user journeys. Try it free with Datadog Synthetics.

Datadog sponsor

TypeScript 4.3 Released — Just a couple of weeks after the beta comes the real deal with a rather long feature list:

  • An override keyword to explicitly define overriding methods.

  • A --noImplicitOverride flag to make it an error to override methods in superclasses without using the aforementioned override.

  • Template string type improvements.

  • Methods and accessors can now be given private names, e.g. get #someValue().

  • static index signatures.

  • And, yes, a lot more.

Daniel Rosenwasser (Microsoft)

Jest 27 Released, Complete with Some New Defaults — Jest has ‘flipped some switches’ and introduced some new defaults you’ll want to be aware of if you use the popular testing framework. You can now also interactively step through failed tests one at a time, get inline snapshots without using Prettier, and you get much faster initialization times than Jest 26 too.

Tim Seckinger

Quick Bits


fabric.js 4.5 — JS Canvas framework (and SVG to Canvas parser).

Chart.js 3.3 — Simple, flexible JS charting.

xstyled 3.0 — CSS-in-JS framework built for React.

Cypress 7.4.0 — Testing system.

ESLint 7.27.0 — Find and fix problems in your JavaScript.

💻 Jobs

Senior Frontend Engineer - Remote — Looking for a JS enthusiast who loves TypeScript, Next.js, and SSR. Let's build the future of finance together.


JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find Software Engineering Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.


📖 Articles, Opinions & Tutorials

▶  How To Create Your First Flow in Node-REDNode-RED is a browser-based ‘flow’ programming environment that uses Node.js under the hood. An interesting alternative way to build JavaScript powered systems.

Bleeding Code

A Thorough Analysis of CSS-in-JS — I feel too old-fashioned to fully buy into writing CSS alongside my JavaScript (sorry!) but Andrei does a good job at selling the benefits and compares some approaches.

Andrei Pfeiffer

Build a Node.js App with CockroachDB and the Node.js pg Driver — In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build a simple Node.js application with CockroachDB and the Node.js pg driver.

Cockroach Labs sponsor

Building a Rich WYSIWYG Text Editor From Scratch — Learn how to build a rich text editor into an app with Slate doing the heavy lifting.

Shalabh Vyas

The Modern Guide to React State Patterns — At one stage, you could basically just say ‘use Redux’ but there are so many options now, and this guide flies through a few approaches.

Fredrik Strand Oseberg

New Standards to Access User Device Hardware from JavaScript — WebHID, WebNFC, and Web Serial have opened up new avenues to interact with user’s device hardware for web apps. Device and browser support is kinda patchy, however.

Viduni Wickramarachchi

Using Pinia, an Alternative Vue.js Store — If you want to just go straight to the library, here’s its homepage (cute logo!)

Daniel Kelly

[Free Download] Guide to Effective Feature Management — Learn feature management practices to accelerate release cycles and deploy every 6 hours, instead of every 6 weeks.

LaunchDarkly sponsor

Get Started with React by Building a 'Whac-a-Mole' Game — This is truly aimed at beginners keen to strike some ‘aha!’ moments while learning React. Using it to create a simple game certainly could take you out of your comfort zone.

Jhey Tompkins

Where's The Best Place to Host a Next.js Site? — A detailed look at deploying a Next.js app to Vercel, Netlify, Layer0 and Heroku and rating them based upon a variety of factors.

Ondrej Polesny

A Beginner's Guide to Vue 3

Catalin Pit

🛠 Code & Tools

supported by

Boring Avatars: React Library to Generate Custom Avatars — Ranging from generic gradients to face-like creations, this library (GitHub repo) generates custom, SVG-based, round avatars from any username and color palette.

Boring Designers

CandyGraph: A Fast, Flexible 2D Plotting Library — A flexible and fast-by-default 2D plotting library tuned for rendering huge datasets on the GPU at interactive speeds. And if that sounds like a boast, hit up the examples (the animated ones lower down are the most interesting).

Rye Terrell

Drag-n-Drop Email Editor for React, Angular and Vue

Unlayer sponsor

threads.js: Web Workers Meet Worker ThreadsThreads is both a terrifying nuclear apocalypse movie and also this library for making using both Web Workers and worker threads (as implemented in Node) as simple as possible. Outsourcing intensive code to other threads can really help in some cases.

Andy Wermke

NocoDB: An Open Source Airtable-a-Like — Airtable is a popular commercial spreadsheet-database service that we even use here at Cooperpress to help put the newsletters together. This is a flexible and surprisingly good looking open source pastiche with a Vue powered frontend.

nocodb team

ts-node 10.0: TypeScript Execution and REPL for Node


eslint-plugin-tailwindcss: ESLint Plugin for Tailwind CSS Usage

Francois Massart

Velociraptor 1.0: npm-Style Script Runner for Deno



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