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Our Web Philosophy

OWT has been in the Internet business for a long time - since 1994.  Over the years we've seen what's worked and what hasn't. We've read about and tried many of the tricks and ploys touted as "sure-thing" web and search engine success techniques. We've cleaned up a lot of messes and guided so many customers toward cost-effective web initiatives that make sense using proven techniques that work over the long-haul. Our web philosophy includes the following:

  • Functionality is important to the user but form has value too - find the right mix of features with an efficient and easy-to-use design. 
  • You only have one chance to make a first impression - don't make your customers work to find out about you and your products or services. 
  • Gee-whiz features are really only cool to the site owners - visitors want information fast and simple. But we must get their attention and keep their attention so we don't discount the value of those gee-whiz features altogether. 
  • Use photos and video appropriately - don't punish the visitor with content they may not be interested in. 
  • Keep the navigation simple and easy to follow.
  • Cross-link your content so that related content is easy to find.
  • Update your content as often as possible - informative and frequently updated content will improve your search engine position more than anything else. 
  • Employ clean and professional design without a lot of fluff and filler. Very few media-heavy sites are really that successful. 

OWT will design a clean and professional site with just the right amount of search engine friendly content and advise and assist you in keeping the content updated and fresh. You know your industry and we know ours.  If you are looking for a company that understands small business then give OWT a try.