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A virtual domain gives you a unique identity on the Internet. It lets you advertise your business name and helps customers remember your web address.

When you create your web hosting account with OWT, we will gladly help you locate and register the right domain name for your business. We will also mount the domain on our server, program your domain's DNS routing, and setup virtual email addresses that match your domain name. The costs for OWT's domain services are detailed below.

Best of all, when OWT registers your domain, you get the benefit of our domain management services -- never worry again about a domain name scam! You can ignore all those unsolicited emails and letters you get from domain companies trying to get you to switch. OWT will manage your domain, keeping it registered and renewed for as long as you remain an active customer with us! You can have peace of mind about your domain name.

Domain Pricing

Price First Year Additional
Your first domain is mounted free for all OWT hosting customers

(does not include the actual domain registration)

Standard Commercial Hosting customer can have up to 10 domains mounted at the time your account is setup.  Other pricing is as follows:  

Additional domain(s) setup 
(for each additional domain that redirects to the same web site - includes search engine rewrites so Google won't hate you)

$25.00 N/A
Personal domain setup  - OWT Access Customer
(applicable when domain is being setup on personal web space; does not include the domain itself)
$50.00 N/A
Email-only domain setup - domain only to be used for Email w/o a website
(will be applied toward Standard fee if web hosting is added later; does not include the domain itself)
$50.00 $50.00
Domain name registration (annual fee) *
Domain name registration (per year with 5+ years registration) * $20.00  
Registrar transfer (includes one additional year of registration) *

for the most common top level domains. Some are priced differently. Contact use for specific pricing if you are using an uncommon extension. 

Registering your own domain?

If you have registered your own domain and you wish OWT to host it for either web, Email or both you just need to set the domain to use our name servers as follows:

Server Hostname IP
Primary Name Server dns1.owt.com
Secondary Name Server dns2.owt.com