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Blog Design

We really know how to make WordPress sing. We can customize WordPress in many different ways and make it look and feel just the way you like it.

You don't look the same as everyone else so why would you want to use some canned theme used by millions of others - let OWT customize your blog for power, presentation and performance! We can add incoming and outgoing news feeds, podcasts, video, photos, forms, calendars and much more to make your blogging experience just what you want it to be. 

On a tight budget? No problem.  We can use a template of your choosing and make a powerful blog for you. We'll even give you some times on how to make the most of your blog and how to use your blog to promote your web initiatives. 

Blogs Can Enhance Your Web Presence

We have used blogs for a variety of purposes effectively over the years such as:

  • News and event promotion
  • Providing and editorial platform with some distance from the main website
  • Comment and feedback platform
  • Social media interaction platform
  • Search engine tool to provide quality contextual links back to your main site to improve web ranking.

We can teach you proven techniques that can be used on your blog to promote your site and improve your web ranking. Some careful design and a few tips and your blog can boost your web ranking as well as provide a different way to reach your target audience.