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Search Engine Friendly Design

One of the key issues with search engine recognition is design.  This is where OWT can really help.  We will encourage you to let us create everything on your site so that it will be attractive to search engines.  How and why won't always be obvious to you but we will try to explain the importance as we go along.  Key pieces are:

  • The basic design - it must be search engine friendly and the splash or home page is an important part of this. No gateway pages of rmultimedia lead-ins. We'll show you how to use multimedia to be compelling to both the user and search engines. 
  • The site content -  content should be arranged logically and clearly so that it easily indexed but also use keywords appropriately.
  • Placement of dynamic content.  We can show you where and how to use dynamic content.  If you don't have time to create content frequently we can show you how to use inbound information feeds to help with this. 
  • Content written to be informative and displayed as text (not graphics).  Graphics can augment or supplement your content and we strongly encourage the use of graphics but text is the key here.  Content should be written so as to be informative and not just be a bullet list (although those are fine too if used correctly). 
  • URLs - the address of your site and each page is crucial. Short URLs are great for users but search engines can swallow longer URLs that contain keywords that are the focus of the page. We'll show you how!