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Developer Support

If you have your own developer OWT can assist them with many things. We can help with setting up MySQL databases and offer version information for both PHP and MySQL.  If you design your own site but can't program any CGI or dynamic content we can work with you as well. We are happy to work with other firms and programmers or just that geeky guy in the back room. 

Note that OWT is terribly security conscious (but not quite paranoid). For this reason we do not allow third-party access to our cgi-bin directory.  These days you can do most anything with PHP and JavaScript but if you do really need some CGI installed just Email us and we'll have a look. 

OWT is happy to work with designers and other developers any way we can.   We are a good partner and won't try to steal your customers. We will do as little or as much as you want us to.  Have great designs but not big on programming?  We can help.  

Web Forms

These days most web forms are done in PHP or some other dynamic programming language as HTML has no real forms support. OWT would be happy to program a form that will work within your existing design.  

OWT does still offer a form CGI program that we let our customers dust off and use if they do not have any PHP skills or just want to bang out a quick form. 

The OWT CMS has excellent forms support and it is easy to create powerful forms.  

SmartMail is our CGI for handling web forms for basic HTML sites. Feel free to download the documentation and use it in your OWT hosted site.