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How soon after my site is launched will I see results?

It depends on your current status with search engines and web directories. If your site is already being indexed by search engines, you could see results within a matter of weeks.

If your site is not yet listed by the major search engines and / or web directories, success will likely take longer (think months) while we wait for your site to be indexed.

Why should I hire OWT if you won't promise that my site will be listed at the top of the search engine results?

SEO companies that guarantee to put your site in the No. 1 position usually try to accomplish that in one of these ways:

  • they don't tell you the search term you'll be ranked No. 1 for, and after they're done they brag about having your site listed No. 1 on a search for your COMPANY NAME! (Big deal.)
  • they use any number of tricks or gimmicks that are nothing more than an attempt to fool the search engines -- these tricks may bring about short-term results, but in the end the search engines are always smarter and might ban these sites when the tricks are discovered (and they eventually will be discovered, usually by your competitor who will report you to the search engine).

Even though our promise doesn't include a No. 1 ranking for your web site, we do have a proven track record of search engine success which is filled with top ten rankings and includes several No. 1 rankings.

Where do you submit our site?

Our submission services are generally geared more toward web directories such as the Open Directory and others which use human editors to process submissions. OWT is skilled in writing site descriptions that don't get rewritten by editors.

We are already listed in all the search engines, but we're not satisfied with our ranking. Can you help us? Do we need to resubmit our site?

Yes, we can probably help you; and no, you don't need to resubmit your site. (If you're not listed in the popular web directories, submission there is a must AFTER you've optimized your web site.)

Each site is different so just ask us to take a look and we can give you an idea of what might be needed. 

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