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Content Writing

With the exception of buying placement (in other words, advertising) in search engines which sell high listings, there is nothing you can do to help your search engine ranking more than improve the quality and quantity of your web site content.

Let's say that again: the most important factor in improving your search engine position is the content of your web site.

Search engines LOVE content - they eat up words, sentences, and paragraphs. They analyze the words on your site to determine what a page is about and how highly to rank it when users are searching. This means your keywords and keyphrases need to be emphasized in the actual content of your site (as opposed to just in "keyword" or "description" meta tags).

Our Content Writing / Editing / Tag Optimization service includes the following:

  • analysis of existing content to determine which pages within the site need improvement
  • rewriting existing web site content, or creating new content, with an emphasis on the correct use of keywords and keyphrases within regular site content
  • updating link tags for better indexing by search engines
  • rewriting / editing Title, Description, Keywords, other tags for better indexing by search engines

If you've hired OWT to develop your web site, our Content Writing services are / were included in your project. But as the search engines change how they rank sites, it's important to analyze and update your content to keep up with the changes. Just let us know how much you want us to edit your content or if we should just leave it alone. 



Blog Writing

OWT may be available to blog on various issues - mostly geeky stuff. However, we also work with a stable of writers and bloggers that could provide frequent blogging for you as well. Rates and availability may vary by blogger and even topic so just contact us for more information.