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Content Editing

Create or edit content on your site with ease using our powerful content manager.  Familiar editing tools allow you to enhance your content with color, links, tabular data, files, images, movies and much more. 

Easily link to other content on your site by category or URL.  Add a viewable or downloadable PDF in seconds or embed an informative movie.  The CMS also features a powerful media manager where you can manage images, files and multimedia easily and intuitively.  

Editor features: 

  • Font and color support
  • Justfiication, bold and underline support
  • Utilize pre-defined styles
  • Paste from your clipboard including special Paste From Word utility that will cleanup excess Word code. 
  • Full-Screen view
  • Spell Checker
  • List formatter (numbered and bullet)
  • Image and multimedia tools. 
  • Embed You Tube videos, Google Maps and other embeddable content. 
  • Emoticon support as well as special greek characters and super/subscripts
  • Table creation and editing features including easy filtering options
  • WYSIWYG editor with the ability to edit HTML if you are so inclined
  • Edit links, anchors and just about anything you want on the page
  • Add inline graphics or use the default graphic tool to use a preformatted pasteup
  • Draft mode so you can work on your content privately until it's ready for public view.
  • Macro support extends the power of the editor.
    • Insert files or links to multiple files in your document.
    • Formatted MicroData.
    • Insert content from another website. 
    • Convert CSV data to an HTML table
    • Reveal hidden content
    • Case conversion

 Link to other content:

  • Categories of links or a short list of them
  • Files (individually or by category; searching included) and movies
  • Other site categories
  • Photo galleries

Content can be searched and you can assign tags to enhance the search autocomplete features. 

File/Media Management

Easily add files to your content or even an entire category or files. Upload on the fly and tag and annotate your media easily so your visitors know exactly what they are getting.