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Directory Submission

Search engine submission is essentially dead. Crawler-based search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN no longer need to be told when a new page or site exists. Instead, they'll find the new page or site as long as an existing page or site links to it. (If that takes too long, several search engines will gladly take your money in exchange for quicker indexing of your pages!)

Directory submission, however, is not dead! In fact, being added to various web directories can be the best way to get that link you need for crawlers to find your site.

It's true that many important web directories now require payment in order to guarantee a listing. But there are several that still accept free submissions, and OWT has years of experience in successful submissions to these hard-to-crack web directories. We know how to craft keyword-rich site descriptions that are less likely to be edited by editors who review submissions. Our Directory Submission service includes the following:

  • research to determine most appropriate keywords and keyphrases for your site
  • writing directory descriptions using those keywords and keyphrases
  • research and manual submission to most appropriate categories in each directory
  • manual submission to those search engines still accepting free submissions
  • 90-day monitoring of the success of our submissions (note: there's no guarantee as to how soon a web directory will add your listing)

We will also gladly provide information about various pay-for-placement search engines and web directories that you may choose to pursue as a complement to our submission efforts.