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Content Management System

We believe, very strongly, that a modern web site must have frequently updated content but also must have the right feature set for your presentation. Users must be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily and it must be easy for you to update your content so that you are able to keep it up to date. OWT specializes in providing site tools that allow you to achieve both these goals.  We have a stable of web tools that have evolved over the past 18 years that will make your site more productive as well as more efficient to manage. 

So many websites are now merely template sites whipped out to be cheap. While these can often be attractive and functional we believe you need a unique presence and not one like so many others on the net.  We can't fault small businesses for trying the cheap templated WordPress sites - heck we even offer them but if you want to put your best foot forward and give your visitors the best possible experience we urge you to consider the OWT CMS.  The next several pages will talk about features and benefits but in a nutshell here are some of the major advantages:

  • Faster than most every CMS product and way faster than WordPress
  • OWT can add any custom feature you need - we're not at the mercy of others to create plugins
  • All your code is from one provider not the mishmash of code you get with WordPress or other popular CMS products. Our code will all work together!
  • We create a "design" rather than re-purposing a template. Your organization deserves better than a rubber-stamped website. 
  • Powerful specialized content modules for products, events, directories, portfolios, formatted lists, photo galleries, banners, forms, social media sharing, graphical and content sliders and so much more!
  • Mobile Friendly automatically and this can be customized to meet  your needs. 

Check out the other sections discussing our CMS by using the category menu on the left.  There is so much more to it than what we can showcase here.  By the way this site was done using the OWT CMS as well. 


The OWT CMS comes in two editions: Budget and Premium.  It is simple to upgrade from Budget to Premium and the edition also dictates which OWT hosting plan you will need with the Premium Edition requiring OWT Premium Hosting and the Budget Edition requiring OWT Budget Hosting.

The basic features of the CMS are the same regardless of edition.  Here is a quick summary of the differences:

  • The Budget Edition has no E-commerce capabilities
  • The Budget Edition does not have some of the specialized content tools
  • There are limits on the scope of some features (ask us for more details but these are really only intended to push a large site to Premium)
  • The Budget Edition can not support customized modules (very few sites would use these anyway but if you have some unusual solution that we need to solve you will need the Premium Edition)

Learning Management System

Working in conjunction with our CMS is our LMS or Learning Management System.  

The LMS features extensive course management, test banks, assessment management, gradebook, certifications and so much more.  

Actively Developed

Both the OWT CMS and LMS products are under active development.  Changes and enhancements are happening all the time. 

Our documentation reflects many of these changes.