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Specialty Hosting

OWT also offers some specialty hosting where we will install a software package for you and you may build your site with that software as you see fit. 

OWT offers Joomla, WordPress and Drupal as third-party content management systems. OWT will offer only support relating to the installation and connectivity with the various products (that just means we aren't much help with the software itself). 

OWT also offers its own Content Management System (CMS) which, of course, we support fully. 


Service When added to Premium Hosting When added to Budget Hosting
(see OWT CMS Hosting)
No Charge No Charge but the CMS is a budget version with fewer features and capabilities. 
WordPress No Charge $99 one-time setup fee (includes full WordPress installation)
Joomla No Charge $99 one-time setup fee (includes full Joomla installation)
Drupal No Charge $99 one-time setup fee (includes full Drupal installation)
Simple Machines Forum¹ $99 one-time installation charge $199 one-time installation charge
Other Packages An additional one-time installation fee of up to $99 is possible depending upon the product.  Depends upon the product to be installed. Usually no more than $99 one-time setup fee. 

 1 - Forum hosting must be on it's own domain or subdomain (eg. forum.yourdomain.com). Free-standing Message board/Forum hosting available. 

Non-Profit hosting has separate pricing. See Non-Profit Hosting for more information. 
See our blog hosting if you are interested in using WordPress as your CMS.

Specialty Software updates: updates are a tricky thing not so much from an installation standpoint but because these updates can affect the design of your site.  OWT is happy to perform these updates for you and coordinate these updates with you so that you can deal with any issues that might arise post-update.  OWT will perform these updates for no more than $25. OWT will never charge for OWT CMS updates within the same major version release (eg. 3.x). 

Content Management Systems