OWT has offered content managment features on websites since 1995 and these concepts and tools have evolved substantially.  Now we are proud to offer our latest Contenet Management System (CMS) that can equip your site with so much power and yet provide easy to use and understand management tools so that you can maintain your site like a pro.

See our complete write-up of the OWT CMS in the web tools section of this site. 

Currently the OWT CMS comes in two editions: Premium and Budget to match our hosting plans.  As implied, the Premium edition contains more features and capabiltiies but the Budget edition still contains all of the core power and may be all many sites will need.  It is also very easy to upgrade to Premium edition should you grow to need more features. 

How It Works

The OWT CMS is a powerful tool.  In almost everything great power requires great complexity.  We have created the OWT CMS to minimize this complexity in so many areas.  However, the tool is focuesd on making the management of your website as simple as possible.  Design of your site usually requires some design experience.  With even the simplest of sites a designer would at least need to create a couple of graphics appropriately sized. 

We do not believe that using a canned template is an effective way to market your business.  So many clients come to us a year after deploying a templated WordPress or other CMS site regretting that decision for a variety of reasons.  We discuss this further in our web tools CMS page.  Our concept, no matter which CMS you might choose, is to have our design professionals build your site and populate at least much of your content before turning the site administration over to you.  This way you concentrate on your content and not the technology. 


Pricing for the OWT CMS is quite simple: it is essentially free to use with the only costs being those involed with creating your site design, framework and basic content.  The Premium edition requires OWT' Premium hosting and the Budget edition requires OWT's Budget hosting plan. Talk to our design professionals about how you can use this powerful tool to manage your site alllowing you to concentrate on your business and less your marketing efforts. The only costs associated with the OWT CMS are related to setup, design and any custom programming that might be needed for  particluar site. 

Can the OWT CMS be used with Non-Profit web sites?

Yes!  See our non-profit hosting page for basic pricing but consult with an OWT design professional for complete details.