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Premium Web Hosting

OWT offers a managed server solution. That means we do the setup and make sure you have all the resources available that you will need for your site. You don't have to learn anything about the server - we take care of all of that.

Our Premium Hosting service includes:

  • 6 GB of server storage space
  • DNS and Mail Exchange services
  • Up to 30 Email accounts (mailboxes)
  • Unlimited virtual Email addresses
  • PHP available
  • MySQL upon request
  • WordPress available (includes installation)
  • CMS ready - use a variety of content management systems (see our Specialty Hosting  for more info)
  • 35 GB of throughput (way more than most sites will ever use)
  • FTP/SFTP access to your hosting account
  • Webalizer web statistics package
  • Businesses using our Premium Hosting plan and OWT design services will also be eligible to utilize many of our powerful custom web tools (priced separately). 


  • $35 per month or $350 per year prepaid. 
  • Additional throughput $1/GB/Month
  • Each additional to 1GB of server storage space: $10/Month
  • If large storage for files/audo/video etc. is needed we offer customized plans