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Blog Hosting

OWT offers WordPress blog hosting. WordPress is a very popular blog engine and we feel the most flexible. OWT can install, skin and configure your blog if you wish or simply install it you can do the rest yourself if you are up to it. Add a blog as a subdomain to your commercial site or put it on a unique domain - it's up to you but OWT can make it happen for you.

Confused by blog plugins?  Tell us what you would like to do and we will install the most appropriate plugins for your needs. We are up on the latest blog tools and technologies so you don't have to be. Need a blog writer? We can even put you in touch with bloggers.


  • Hosting - $150 / year
  • Basic Blog (WordPress) installation $50
    • Includes installation of auto-update plugins to minimize update hassles.
  • WordPress configuration - $50
    • Includes installation of select plugins and setup to run a standard theme (theme not provided)
  • Custom Theme Development (blog skinning) $50 / hour. Most skins are $150 to $300
  • Blog consulting - $50 / hour
  • Inbound RSS feed aggregation available to provide instant and fresh content
  • Rich Content services available to keep your content more relevant

Easy Blog Package

You're ready to blog but just don't want to learn the ins and outs of setting one up and configuring all the plug-ins etc.?  Our Easy Blog Package is for you!  

Here's what we provide:

  • Install of the latest version of WordPress
  • Install and configure several essential plugins and auto-updating tools
  • Install the open source theme of our choice
  • Configure some basic SEO tools
  • Configure WordPress for better search engine recognition
  • Configure for comments if desired
  • Setup your administration account

All for a one-time setup fee of $99 and $150 per year!

Sources for Free WordPress Themes
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