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OWT has been designing and programming web pages since 1994. A lot has changed in that time, as access speeds have increased and technologies evolved. While technological advancements have been great for both the user and web site owner, it is important to distinguish between what industry innovations are appropriate for each individual client's needs and which are not. OWT has the experience to wade through the technological noise and decide which tech will prove to be the best fit for your application. Whether it be leveraging the growing importance of search engine recognition or ensuring the user experience is positive through an efficient and sleek design, OWT is prepared to create a website beneficial for the client as well as their users. 

We provide cost-effective solutions for most any budget.  From over-the-top sites with an extensive custom feature set down, to the simplest brochure site; we can deliver your next website for less than you think. We also provide you with the tool set to keep your content fresh and compelling. 

Although we have clients throughout the United States, we pride ourselves on the exceptional customer service we provide to our customers in the Kennewick, Richland, Pasco and Walla Walla areas. When it comes to accurately designing and implementing a web site, we put customers first. 

Trust the experience that OWT has gained over such a long time in this relatively young industry. OWT will help you make smarter and more cost-effective decisions to make your web initiative positive, productive and profitable. 


Affordable & Easy to Manage
Powerful CMS

Upgrade Your Site for Easy Content Management!

Let OWT upgrade your website to use our powerful CMS (Content Management System) that includes a great many powerful features and easy content mangement.  The OWT CMS is also MOBILE FRIENDLY supporting phones and tablets automatically. 

We can use your design or your graphic designers or create a design for you cost effectively.  Building a site in our CMS is fast and efficient. Most small business sites will cost less than $1000 and be unique and customized to your business and needs!  

Now you can upgrade for less than you think!  For a limited time OWT  is offering a $100 discount on Budget CMS3 Sites and $200 discount on Standard CMS3 design and setup!  Contact us now and see how easy and painless we can make this transition for you!

OWT Makes it Easy!

No matter your web need let OWT show you just how easy we can make it for you!  We tame the technology for you - you don't have to learn complicated control panels as we can do it all for you.  From domain registration to Email and full-featured web hosting OWT can simplify your web experience immensely. 

Industry News


Top ranking factors for mobile-first indexing in order to dominate search in 2019, segmented by relevance, content, backlinks, and user experience.

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#415 — December 7, 2018

Read on the Web

JavaScript Weekly

IntelliCode for JavaScript and TypeScript in VS Code — The popular VS Code editor gains support for IntelliCode for JavaScript (and TypeScript) users. IntelliCode is a feature that recommends commonly used completion items based upon the current context in your code and is an interesting step in Microsoft’s experiments with practical ‘AI-assisted development’.


This Year in JavaScript: 2018 in Review and npm’s Predictions for 2019 — JavaScript is the world’s most programming language, npm plays host to over 800,000 libraries, GraphQL’s popularity is booming, and the most popular other languages JavaScript developers use are Java, PHP and Python.

The npm Blog

Low-Code Platforms: What Developers Think and Why — No and low-code platforms are being touted as the solution to the increasing demand on dev teams. But how do professional developers feel about these platforms? We polled more than 5,000 devs to find out. Check out this infographic for a summary of the results.

Progress Kinvey sponsor

Bridging the Gap Between CSS & JavaScript: CSS-in-JS — As front-end components continue to be built with lashings of JS, the idea of writing CSS within that JavaScript to style things at the component level has become more popular.

Matija Marohnic

Take npm's 2018 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey — npm, Inc., the maintainers of the main Node package repository, request your input to help them improve their tools and services. While we’re at it, Vue.js is doing a State of Vue.js survey too.

npm, Inc.

Babel 7.2.0 Released with Private Instance Method Support — There’s a proposal for JavaScript to support private instance methods and variables (by prefixing their names with #) and Babel already supports it as seen here.

Nicolò Ribaudo

TUI Editor: A Markdown WYSIWYG Editor Control — An editor for working both with CommonMark and GitHub flavors of Markdown in both a Markdown-focused or WYSIWYG editor mode.

NHN Entertainment

💻 Jobs

JavaScript Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


Angular Architect at New Service/Product Firm (Toronto /Remote) — Join forces with the highest concentration of Angular expertise outside of Google. Build products, work on OSS, teach, and speak.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials and Opinions

Modern JavaScript Explained For Dinosaurs — This article is a year old but has been doing the rounds again - it truly is a great read if you feel a little out of touch with ‘modern’ JavaScript and where things like npm and webpack fit in.

Peter Jang

Overreacted: A New Blog by React Expert Dan Abramov — There are already three great posts covering super(props), $$typeof and explaining how React tells a class from a function.

Dan Abramov

How Do Top Developers Deliver Video? - Download the 2018 Video Report — Hundreds of developers around the world reveal their preferred video streaming solutions.

Bitmovin sponsor

Should We Use JavaScript to Load Our Web Fonts? — Browser support for new and safer CSS-only font loading strategies have left some devs wondering: are JS methods to load web fonts now necessary/useful?

Zach Leatherman

Drawing Lines in HTML with JS and the Bresenham Line Algorithm — A neat way to understand a common graphics algorithm.

Greg the JavaScript Teacher

How to Install Vue and Build An SPA using Vuetify and Vue Router

Jennifer Bland

Register Today: Q&A Broadcast about Angular Ivy with Nrwl + Rob Wormald from Google

NRWL.IO sponsor

So What’s New in TypeScript 3.2?

Nwose Lotanna

🔧 Code and Tools

jsPDF: Client-Side PDF Generation for Everyone — There’s a live, interactive demo here.

James Hall

ForgJs: A Lightweight JavaScript Object Validator — You can validate data types, whether values are in certain ranges or of a certain length, etc.

oussama hamdaoui

Connect, Deliver, Control — Build and scale interactive, immersive apps with PubNub - chat, collaboration, geolocation, device control and gaming.

PubNub sponsor

chrome-aws-lambda: A Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda — A project to make it easy to use a headless Chrome instance from your AWS Lambda serverless functions.

Alix Axel

Emotion 10 Released: A CSS-in-JS LibraryProject homepage.

Mitchell Hamilton

react-redux 6.0.0: Official React Bindings for Redux — Don’t forget we have a React newsletter where we focus more on things like this.


Screenshoteer: Make Web Page Screenshots from the Command Line — Controls headless Chrome with Puppeteer behind the scenes.

Vladimir Carrer

Eagle.js: A Hackable Slideshow Framework Built with Vue.js


array-back: Takes Any Input and Guarantees An Array Back — Or an “isomorphic arrayify function” if you prefer that :-)

Lloyd Brookes

imaskjs: A Vanilla JavaScript Input Mask — Covers formats like dates and phone numbers, but also regexes. There are also plugins to use it more easily with Vue, Angular, and React.


Seven of the top tools available to help you discover what people search for online: the most popular topics, keywords, and trending stories.

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Accessibility and indexation, broken links and bad redirects, not maximizing Google Search Console, and missing / poor meta tags can hurt SEO rankings.

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Machine learning and how to use it for SEO: automated image optimization, transcribing podcasts into json strings, mass meta description writing, and more.

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Behind every search is an intent – a need or want – for a product, service, or simply more information. To rank on SERPs, align your SEO with intent.

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More than 500 Googlers globally signed open letter on Medium calling for end to Dragonfly and for "transparency, communication, and real accountability."

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